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Let's put life  back together!

Banbridge - County Down, County Armagh, County Antrim

Let's put life  back together!

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Text 07902 429787 

Here to Help You...
Yes, therapy can change your life.

Are you overwhelmed, lost, or hurting?

Do you feel stuck, hopeless, unsure, anxious or depressed about things?

Maybe you would  love to enhance your enjoyment of life , to make a move towards happiness?

Perhaps you just need a little help through a major decision?

Counselling can really help, and is for anyone -  From finding your way through everyday troubles, to understanding and healing deeper hurts. It can also  help you get on track  - find out who you really are, what you really want... and how to regain a LOVE FOR LIFE. 

Please feel assured your worry and distress will be heard and worked through privately, with care, understanding and warmth. Together we can begin to untangle what is so painful, or self defeating, or look at how to bring back peace and joy into life.

You matter. You are precious and unique and we all need a little help to find our way - so we can be 'good to go'. Counselling provides a chance for real change, and to realise we can 'Enjoy the Journey'!!


If you have any questions, or would like to book your first session  -  I'd be very happy to hear from you!

Kindest wishes


What Can Therapy Help Me With?

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   ~ loneliness

   ~ low mood, depression

   ~ anxiety and stress

   ~ loss of direction

   ~ relationships

   ~ break ups

   ~ social anxiety

   ~ mid-life crisis

   ~ loss, bereavement

   ~ fears and phobias

   ~ exam stress

   ~ important decisions

   ~ work stress

   ~ post natal    


   ~ spiritual crisis

   ~ life enhancement

Therapy can help with minor and major difficulties, it can be short term or longer term, depending on what you need.


It's Easy! Book Your Very First Session Today!

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I'd love to hear from you !

We are all capable of finding our way...

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